Monday, 28 November 2011

Day Nine: Skirting Around

Put simply; sanding skirting sucks. I write this with calloused hands after a rather rigorous day of gouging out many years worth of paint that have filled up and obscured all detail of the curvaceous skirting. The day wasn’t all bad because a) I got to use a power-tool (orbital sander) and b) we had visits from Bella, Ben, Anna, Georgie, Theo (with a coffee machine!) and my dad, so I did take one or two breaks...

Lucy also did some plastering or other and Anna provided some muscle for a couple of hours before we decided it was high time it was pub time. I found possibly my favourite item so far under the dirt too; a tiny blue man that I assume is a counter from a board game. He’s got a prime position next to my marbles.
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