Friday, 2 December 2011

Day Ten: Painting Prep

This afternoon I arrived at Park Street to be met by the new bathroom! During the week the carpenter had proceeded to finish and line the frame, and began to attach the weatherboards to the outside of the house. Its very exciting to get a feel of the new spaces (external and internal). The door leading to the now-established bathroom has also been hung; we re-used the now unrecognisable one from the kitchen (Sugar Soap). Who would have believed it was white?!

My afternoon tasks consisted of applying ‘finishing plaster’ to the walls in both bedrooms, lovely stuff it is. Like putty that you smear all over the walls. Definitely made raking out the cracks worthwhile! I also finished sanding the skirting boards in the living room. Not long until we can paint! 

The kitchen also has nothing, not even a kitchen sink..
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