Thursday, 22 December 2011

Day Nineteen: SugarSoap? More Like MiracleSoap!

This morning it was my great pleasure to screw the toilet seat on to our new throne. After that I did a little plastering and painting in the kitchen in preparation for the scheduled installation of units tomorrow. I was looking for an ‘easy’ job before mum arrived, and decided I’d have another go at the brick wall in the bathroom. Alice had assured me it was a hopeless case, she’d apparently tried SugarSoap, paint stripper and sanding...all to no avail. Alas I generously poured a nice coating of SugarSoap over the thickest of the green paint, gave it a light scrub and left it for a little while to work its’ magic. Ten minutes later, I caught a few glimpses of red brick through the green paint and proceeded to scrub and scrub. About two hours later half the wall had been (practically) restored to its’ former glory, however now I do feel as though the bathroom wall looks like it’s coated in a light layer of moss. Hmm... For the time being we shall leave it as is I think - at least it matches the bath!

Mum arrived bringing home-cooked sausage rolls for lunch which were much appreciated! Then we both armed ourselves with a paint roller and together we painted the’s so nice to be greeted by bright white walls! I carefully painted the lions as well which was a rather enjoyable task. While we’re almost out of paint, we still need to give the living room a second coat to bury the last of the tobacco stains.

After mum left I returned to my scrubbing and completed the rest of the bathroom wall. A final spot of plastering and painting before I returned home for a festive feast!

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