Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day Fifteen: Barney Rubble

Today saw the obliteration of much plaster and brickage at the mercy of my crowbar and sledgehammer. I begun the morning with a complete annihilation of the plaster on one of the kitchen walls to reveal more exposed brick. Lucy sealed the walls of what shall be formerly known as the tobacco room to render them ready for painting.

After lunch we really got down to massacring the hideous old fireplace in the tobacco room, which we levered off before taking to the cement & bricks that filled in the fireplace with the sledgehammer. I found a few items amongst the detritus, pictured below.

Lucy and I teamed up on painting the kitchen walls for a while, then Bella & Anna (bearing novelty glasses for our housewarming... which is ambitious of her) came to lend a hand clearing out all the rubble that lay inside the fireplace. A well-earned visit to the pub for knock-off.
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