Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day Thirteen: Phase One Complete!!

Much to my excitement the carpenters greeted me this morning with the news that they planned to finish work this afternoon! Today’s tasks included fitting the sash window for the kitchen, completing the weatherboards, removing the crumbling floorboards have been removed and putting new boards (along with a few ‘temporary’ patches) in their place. Many more bones were found underneath the floor, alongside much rubble...and a small pile of about ten peach stones. Bizarre.

In order to stay out of their hair, I completed some rather tedious tasks...sanding plastering, windows, doors, the last of the skirting, and I had another go at the front door - still a few more hours work left I say!

The glass for the kitchen and bathroom also arrived, trips were made to both Bunnings and StepToe’s to get the necessary supplies for putting up the new roof/ceiling/walls in the bathroom. With a rather large storm forecasted for Saturday...tomorrow’s plan is for dad to assist the plumber in installing the new roof, but as the tin didn’t arrive as scheduled, we shall have to wait and see what happens.

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