Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day Two: Tobacco Liquifaction

The morning light did yesterday’s hard work justice; the walls of the former-filthy kitchen practically gleamed! ..but made the coffee-coloured living room look all the filthier in comparison. The question of what to do on day two was thus quickly resolved!

After a quick scrub of the fireplace in the kitchen (neat Sugar Soap is pure liquid wonderment!!) and removal of the remaining plaster on one of the kitchen walls...the suits, masks and face shields went back on. Time to begin the scrubbing, however cleaning the ceiling proved to be quite a challenge, especially considering Alice and I both lack what is needed to actually reach the ceiling (not ladders, we have plenty of those.....height). I never thought I would have to mop a ceiling - but that is exactly what we proceeded to do!

By the time Mum arrived for lunch almost half the room was done...however at this stage Alice and I both looked like we’d made a trip to BodyBronze, and come out with a Hawaiian sunset...and then gotten caught in a thunderstorm. Filthy brown goo covered our entire bodies, despite the ‘protective suits’. Nothing a scrub of a surgeon’s standard couldn’t fix! We celebrated our progress with a trip to Bunning’s; coming home with 15 litres of paint, render, an orbital sander (!!) more sugar soap and scourers...and some nice burgundy-coloured watering cans - a motivational purchase for the garden-to-be!

Putting the new items safely out of harm’s way we donned our now-brown gear and climbed back up the ladders. While the grunge did come off after applying neat Sugar Soap...rinsing the walls proved to be the hard thing, especially as the light was beginning to get low and we could no longer really differentiate between filthy and cleanish walls.

Time to go home...discovered many, many strange bruises and all sorts of aches and pains. Alice’s “tan” did not wash off after a shower. Awkward.
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