Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day Seven: Steps in the Right Direction

After a week of tearing the house apart, we finally started to put it back together again! The carpenters arrived and promptly dismantled the bathroom before commencing on the new kitchen floor.

Meanwhile, I filled my last bucket of SugarSoap and set about scrubbing the second bedroom. I knew the worst was over when the thumb of my gloves tore off and the sponge suddenly fell apart... It was a sign. Alice tackled three more layers of carpet, one layer of rather loud lino, lots of newspapers (more on those to come..) and finally floorboards in the living room. No more old man scent, success!

The tedious work continues, as all the skirting boards and the architrave around the doors and windows all need to be meticulously sanded by hand before painting can commence. Dad paid me a visit during lunch and set about repairing a few large cracks in the walls, while mum planted the front garden. Four rose bushes and six lavender plants to get things started, we’ll see how they grow!
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  1. I'm amazed by the progress you guys have made. This place will be done in no time!!