Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day One: The Beginning

We begun by tackling the kitchen. Did I mention the former occupant was a smoker? What I mean is the former occupant was a SERIOUS SMOKER. If you've ever wondered what 35 years of smoking inside looks like, see below… Sugar Soap came to the rescue + elbow grease, in equal proportions. We scrubbed.

I be-friended a sledge-hammer and a crow-bar and knocked off a whole wall's worth of plaster, and DEMOLISHED three cabinets and set of cupboards: satisfying. Our plumber also made a hole for us that shall one day be the door between the kitchen and bathroom. Body seizing up: home time.
Posted by Alice

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  1. Have to ask...."At any time during this cleansing process, did you ever feel like it was futile?