Friday, 25 November 2011

Yesterday's News

I took another extended break from the task at hand today when I couldn’t help but notice the retro illustrations that covered the thick layers of newspapers that lay under the lino (that lay under the carpet, all of which lay on on top of the floorboards). 

They looked old and they were; the stacks and STACKS of broadsheets dated from 1933-1941, read: vintage. I allowed myself to be distracted for long enough to gently take them all out and stack ‘em, for perusal at my leisure. Below are some shots of my faves. Most of the ads are hand-drawn and they’re really great- they have so much character. The ones for tea -of which there were many- greatly amused me. "tea beats tiredness!", "tea gives you a quick lift!", "tea revives you!", "tea snaps you out of it!", "tea is the world's cheapest drink!". Hilarious.

Another thing that struck me about the ads was how old some of the brands we’re so familiar with are: Ovalitine, Penfolds, Bonds, Henry Bucks, Wrigleys, Pimms #1 Cup. And of course many products that are no longer en Vogue; mainly those dubious medical ones. I didn’t take the time to read any articles but I did notice a picture of Ghandi, and the ones that mention the war would be interesting I’m sure. And yeah, I went slightly overboard with these images.
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