Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day Five: Let There Be Light

In view of the carpenter’s arrival on Thursday, Alice and I promptly set about getting both the kitchen and bathroom ready for work to begin. However, the rather large mound of dirt and rubble lay waiting in the middle of the kitchen...and all the rubbish bins were more than full. Raise some garden beds perhaps? With a miniature shovel I began emptying one of the giant bins onto the narrow garden bed that runs along the back fence, before refilling the bin and doing it all again. By the time Alice appeared the mountain was looking much more like an over-sized molehill, and together we rapidly demolished the pile of dirt. Transported is slightly more accurate, as the dirt is now sitting outside the kitchen door - a job for another day.

Sparing not even a minute for a cup of tea (now that we have ‘facilities’, thanks granny!) and armed with crowbars, we then began tearing down the bathroom. Nails flying, Masonite tearing, tile smashing, we left the bathroom a mere skeleton, with the green bath the only reminder of what it once was. 
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The lean-to was our next target, however it appeared to be much sturdier than it looked. After a good hour of awkwardly climbing up ladders and chairs trying to reach the roof and loosen the nails, our efforts were soon put to shame by the arrival of a rather tall visitor. Within about 10 minutes of donning a pair of overalls, Theo had managed to rip off the roof and to gently push the entire frame on its’ side - tiiiimberrrr!! Being 2 meters tall (or thereabouts) definitely has its’ advantages in certain situations. As there was a second roof to be taken down, we left Theo clambering onto the kitchen roof, crowbar in hand, while we zipped off to Steptoe’s to purchase a window. I must’ve looked a treat this morning in my new overalls and runners, because the man gave me a very good price, and threw in a marbled Bakelite doorknob for free! We arrived back at Park St wondering why all the lights we on...alas Theo had pulled down the nasty green plastic roof in the walkway and the second bedroom and the living room were bathed in natural light, most likely for the first time in about 50 years! 

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