Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Treasure Hunting

I have been known to be the type that stops and smells the roses a little too often, particularly when there is hard work as an alternative. I have done much sniffing around the site and turned up some objects of interest. My tally is as follows:
- 5 marbles
- 2 really old bottles from vinegar and the like
- a mini medicine bottle
- half a comb
- an envelope addressed to “mate”
- a children’s story book about "Pinky and Porky Pig" from 1963
- a letter in an unidentifiable language
- a toy gun
- a toy hammer 
- a cigar case with some obscure clips in it
- 3 pennies; the oldest of which is from 1943
- Some broken up crockery
- Lots of old newspapers
- Countless bones 
Posted by Alice

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  1. The wire bits in the red plastic box are actually puzzles.