Monday, 9 January 2012

Day Twenty-Six: Checkmate

The exciting news for today is that we now have a rather nice lino floor in the kitchen and bathroom! The uneven concrete/chipboard has been superseded by black and white checkerboard lino...a drastic improvement. Due to time constraints and concern about the quality of the finished product, we got somebody to put the floor down and he did it in a grand total of 15 minutes (excluding the hours he took making precise cardboard templates, and cutting the lino to size etc) using only double sided tape. Amazing stuff.

The speed of his work meant I only had a short break from my tiling, now there is a row of pistachio green tiles that follow the kitchen bench, and a creamy ‘splash-back’ behind the cooktop to make it fireproof (don’t forget the wooden bench, tounge-in-groove walls etc). A few were brought home for dad to cut so it will all be finished tomorrow!

I have also finished plastering the bathroom ceiling, so tomorrow after a quick sand it will be ready for an undercoat and the first coat of real paint...both of which are well overdue. The exterior doors and windows have also been sanded in preparation for a paint, and I spent a fair while (and used a fair bit of putty) filling the numerous holes. Overall a very productive and exciting day, the end is definitely in sight!

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