Friday, 6 January 2012

Day Twenty-Four: Aesthetic Activity

A hive of action today as our friendly carpenter & electrician returned for a few finishing touches; adding some mini-cuts of weatherboard around the window in the kitchen, filling holes, putting up lights, attaching powerpoints and light switches. Their work is almost complete!

In the meantime, I finished the grouting, the sanding and the undercoating of the bathroom. I fixed the plasterboard around the door frame in the bathroom, cleaned the bath (it took a good half hour) and completed various odd jobs. Alice painted some more sills and made a small brick wall around a future-herb garden then buggered off to work. Dad arrived to fill the holes in the bathroom floor with cement, while mum planted the back garden with flower cuttings & ferns from granny’s garden; which looks quite promising. Long gone are the days when the garden was but a junk pile!

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