Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day Twenty-five: Park St Marathon Weekend

A day of errands and jobs; all compounded by the fact that Lucy goes to Sweden on Wednesday and our team will be down 50%. I made a list of "to-do's" and "to-buy at Bunnings" and we got on with it. I began with the somewhat fool-hardy task of paint-stripping the piece of bluestone under the front window. Like absolutely everything else at the house; there is never simply one layer of anything. I burned and scraped off at least 4 thick coats of paint that covered up that elusive rock underneath, only to be met with a sticky tar-like substance that covered it all. When I tried to strip the paint of the little faces underneath, they turned out to be sandy cement and i managed a sphinx-esque nasal removal on one of them.... Basically, I kind of buggered the whole thing up- but at least the olive green is no-longer.

Lucy joined the plasterboard sheets of the bathroom ceiling, then mum and dad came over and aided with the garden and bathroom respectively. Lino is being laid in the back area on Monday, and Lucy & dad put down some cement over all the rough patches in readiness for a smooth un-furling.

I sanded, grinded and chipped the last traces of paint from the front door to ready it for painting. We then had a welcome break when Toby and Melika paid us a visit and we gave them the grand tour. There was just enough time in the day to undercoat the front door in a lurid shade of pistachio (a test pot we were toying with painting it- a definite NO) and then we sealed the exposed brick walls in the kitchen and called it quits.

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