Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day Thirty-two: Odd Jobbery

Nothing particularly inspirational happened today; myself plus dad plodded on with the odd jobs that amount to many and fill a lengthy list. 

Dad finished rendering around the fireplace, put up the toilet-roll holder (luxury!), chiseled off the excess wood on each door that prevented them from closing, put locks on the windows (Abbotsford beware!) and tended to the roof, which leaked last night, as it doesn't yet have the mysterious "flashing". 

I sanded, then painted the front door frame in the same violent shade of green as the door. I'm less than thrilled with it, but time constraints dictate that its fate is sealed as such for a while. I finished up by sanding all life out of the front window sill in preparation for painting in the foreseeable future. Oh, and we saw a Tawny Frogmouth.
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