Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day Thirty: True Grit

Driven by good intentions (and coffee beans,) Anna and I commenced work on Park St. bright and early this morning. I began with a lick of paint for the front door (the third coat) in the hope that it will become a less vivid shade of GREEN as it gets more thickly applied. The logic in this is questionable; as was the idea that we should completely clean the kitchen and start moving our appliances and crockery in. Anna mopped and swept the kitchen floor twice over and had us looking pretty homely by lunchtime. It was then that our carpenter, electrician and plumber arrived and decided there was no time like the present to replace the kitchen roofing, so I joined in and we got stuck into it.

Dishearteningly for our kitchen; there was 100 years worth of dust (that's about an one inch fluffy blanket) covering the ceiling above it- all of which had to be swept, shovelled and blower'd out (singlehandedly by ME), and copious amounts of which made their way straight back onto every surface in the kitchen; "like icing sugar through a sieve", as Anna romantically put it.

Thus we concluded our day nice and ironically at roughly the same point we started it; by re-cleaning and re-moving everything back into the kitchen. Kept us busy, to say the least.

In summary: our hot-water service got a hat, the kitchen got a roof (and aeons of dust inside it), the fireplace got some TLC (plaster & concrete by dad) I got some splinters and a sunburnt "builder's cleavage", Cassie & Wendy got a sticky-beak, and we all got some refreshment down the road.

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